From which date would the messages aboard KEO, once converted into anonymous in their copy preserved on Earth, will be accessible on the Internet ?


Once the KEO satellite will take-off, all our messages, after being made anonymous in their copy preserved on Earth will be put in free access on Internet.

  • Everybody will be able to access any of the messages, as well as launching requests by country, age, language…/.. While thus launching requests per as many criteria as one wishes , one will be able to find out what each one of us will have considered important to transmit to our descendants (the language translators currently developed allow already simultaneous translations between 17 languages most commonly spoken and written)
  • In addition, the linguistic search engines developed specifically for the analysis of the messages gathered by KEO, will make it possible to obtain answers to complex and varied requests. Taking the following question as an example: “Which are the topics associated to nature conservation, concerning English speakers, living in North America, between the age of 15 and 20 years” or “between 60 and 65 years?” Or “people of Japanese speakers between 30 to 50 years? “… Or “among young Africans “…, or “young Chinese”… or “ French teenagers…”
    Hence it will become possible to seek answers to questions which matter most to each individual.
  • Thanks to these features, the linguistic analyses doubled by sociological analyses developed by the foundation KEO will allow us to establish real "radioscopies" of the human community and to enrich the public debate. They also try to bring answers to help resolve urgent problems which are those for example concerning the present cohabitation of People between them, or the relation of Men and their planet.