Patrick Tejedor
President of the Association PROGRAMME KEO
March 2015

Jean-Marc Philippe had this great idea of inviting all present inhabitants of our planet to write a message to our far away descendants: these will receive the messages through a satellite which would have circled around the earth for centuries before returning to earth to land on it.

It is the KEO project.

How will the project be implemented ?

Originally, the project was about finding volunteer skills to achieve all phases of the project. Unfortunately the economic crisis and the reality of today’s world show us it is impossible now. We will therefore distinguish the project contributors: those who know how and who will do , through a commercial contract, and those who will provide funding.

For this financing to be accepted universally, we need a moral patronage recognized by all peoples of the earth. Thus, a trio consisting of one KEO sponsor , few but determine benefactors , and companies chosen for their expertise , will convert this utopian project into reality .

Once sponsorship and fund established , we will need about three years to carry out the project.

On one hand , we will keep on collecting from all continents the messages of today’s men and women for our far-away descendants. To this end , we will operate with the hundreds of already existing relays and with the new ones we will be seeking.

On the other hand, simultaneously our industrial partners will build the satellite itself and its components among which the media carrying the messages to be forwarded. They will prepare also the satellite flight into space aboard a rocket capable of hosting KEO.

This humanistic project requires motivated actors (individuals, companies, institutions, associations…), embued with the spirit of KEO that Jean-Marc Philippe was able to instill for years.

Today Jean-Marc Philippe is no longer with us. He joined the stars in November 2008 after a sturdy struggle against illness. He bequeathed to us his project that we will bring to completion.

KEO is a humanistic project. It sets all human beings on equal before their distant future. It allows each of them to write a message that our descendants will read one day several centuries away . It encourages taking time to think about our human nature. It will also preserve the memory of the thousands of languages spoken in the world today , even though tens of them are disappearing every year.

But the scope of KEO and its ambition are not confined to our distant descendants .

As soon as messages are sent into space, our contemporaries will have access to them as we will put them online, anonymously, on Internet where they will be studied in depth by fascinated experts . The purpose is to enable the people of today to better get to know themselves, their various cultures and ways of thinking, in order to increase mutual tolerance and understanding of each other , and this through this wonderful material that will be the millions of messages coming from all the people of the Earth

So, of course time has slipped away. But the project is more relevant today than ever. Numerous messages keep coming from all continents. Join them and pass on to you next of kin this invitation to think differently about our humanity .

And if you have any idea of funding, please get in touch with us !

Welcome aboard the KEO project


Patrick Tejedor