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KEO partners

Partenaires institutionnels
Several well known international institutions offer KEO their moral support sometimes doubled with concrete actions.
These institutions contribute to the KEO network across the globe: that they accept our sincere gratitude.

Partners "Institutional Endorsements"  
Enterprise Contribution Web site
    Civilization Museum (Quebec)   KEO Prestige Exhibition (from September 8th 2001 to April 2002) Civilization Museum (Quebec)  
    European Space Agency   Providing technical expertise at the disposition of the project and moral support
Partner's Motivation
European Space Agency  
    IFHR (International Federation of Human Rights League)   Providing their international network for the collection of messages across the globe
Partner's Motivation
    International Olympic Committee   Moral endorsement International Olympic Committee  
    Louvre Museum   Moral endorsement and lending of original works of art to enrich the KEO exhibition at the Museum of Civilization, Quebec Louvre Museum  
    Ministry of Foreign Affairs   Promotion of KEO through exhibitions and participation of all the French embassies world-wide
Partner's Motivation
Ministry of Foreign Affairs  
    UNESCO: UNESCO 2000 Partnerships for the 21st Century   Assistance in the research of the 6000 languages spoken in the world as content for the "Contemporary Library of Alexandria"
Partner's Motivation

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