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KEO partners

Partenaire soutien à l'équipe de coordination de KEO
The function of the project coordination team consists of:

To coordinate the mass of contributions from the partners in the different professional sectors
To manage the Committee of Experts: Ethical, Technical, Scientific, Computing and Economic Committee
To ensure the planning of the future developments
To manage the administrative, juridical and financial aspects of the Association Programme KEO
To conceive and implement the international communication strategy
To develop the multimedia communication supports
To direct the benevolent contributions
To ensure interactivity with net surfers
To collect and coordinate the contents of the "Contemporary Library of Alexandria"
To ensure that the values propagated by KEO are respected at all times

Partners "Support for the Project Co-ordination Team" First Circle  
Enterprise Contribution Web site  
    Expectra   Delegation of expertise
2000, 2001 et 2002
    VediorBis   Delegation of expertise (3 people)
2000, 2001 et 2002
Partners "Support for the Project Co-ordination Team" Second Circle  
Enterprise Contribution Web site  
    Air France   Air Transport Air France  
    Mairie de Paris 2000   Provision of premises for the office of the Project Co-ordination Team  
    Marsh Insurance   Consultancy in Space Insurance Marsh Insurance  
Partners "Support for the Project Co-ordination Team" Third Circle  
  Enterprise Contribution Web site  
    EFEC   Professional auditing services  
    GOM Propreté   Maintenance of the KEO premises  
    Cabinet Laurent Cornon   Professional legal services  
    Imprim'And Co   Printing of documents Imprim'And Co  
    JM Bruneau   Office and equipment supplies JM Bruneau  
    Klein-Goddard & Associés   Professional legal services  
    Poly Print Agence   Photocopying services  
    SOKATEL   Télécommunications
Motivations de partenariat

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